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While banks and consulting companies have big presences at the HSG, not many technology companies do. We want to change this and give you the opportunity to learn from industry experts, engage in hands-on projects to pave your way to a successful career!

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About the club

The Data Science and Technology Club promotes digitalisation, data science, and technology, covering a broad range of topics from AI and IoT to Blockchain and Data Visualisation. We offer students a platform to learn, shape, and network, bringing them together with industry experts and allowing them to engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary projects.

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Prepare yourself for the digital world by participating in hands-on workshops and gaining exclusive insights from industry experts.

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Actively share and apply your knowledge in interdisciplinary projects and at internal and external events.

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Connect with like-minded students as well as with industry experts and profit from job postings to get a head start on your career in technology.

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Do you want to learn more about coding, natural language processing or FinTech? Then become a member now and get access to all events, documents and people that are part of our community. Join now!

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Our club relies on strong partnerships with academic, technical, and industry experts. With their support, we cover the topics of Data Science and Technology from diverse angles ranging from the technical side to legal aspects, ethical issues, and business applications. We also provide the possibility to engage in hands-on project groups, allowing you to develop and manage a project in your area of interest


No matter your technical skills, all students are welcome to become members of club. We focus our efforts on creating easily accessible materials enabling all students to gain insights

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Recruiting the best talent is hard and tedious work. We offer a unique opportunity not only to get access to a room full of top talents listening to your insights, but also a chance to collaborate on real-world projects with highly skilled and motivated HSG students

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We want to provide easy access to technology, tools, and infrastructure for application in research projects and classes

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Do you want to engage in state-of-the-art machine learning competitions in teams and discuss and share tips and experiences among like-minded people? Join our Tech.Mondays Project Group to learn about data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, data visualisations, feature engineering, and common machine learning (ML) modelling approaches.

Natural Language Processing

Are you interested to learn how companies use different technologies to leverage natural language and how you can do the same? Then join our Project Group: Natural Language Processing this semester.


Our group's focus is communicating the recent advances of data and technology solutions in the financial services industry to students via workshops, presentations and other events. We are also responsible for organizing the FinTech Challenge @ HSG. More infos coming soon. Stay tuned!

DLT & Blockchain

Are you curious to acquire a general understanding of the Blockchain Technology and the opportunities it creates? Then, this project group is the right place for you. This project group will address various topics such as Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts and Blockchain for Supply Chain and will raise awareness about the applications of Blockchain in different business areas. No previous knowledge is required.

Alumni Chapter

The Alumni Chapter serves previous DSTC members in maintaining their strong network within and beyond the DSTC club. Its purpose is to stay in contact with people who share the same interest in and passion for data science and information technology.

For this purpose, we started the Quarterly DSTC Alumni Dinner on the first Friday of each quarter to once again reconnect with old friends and share latest development and stories – personal and professional.

While it is primarily aimed at DSTC Alumni and Board Members, we also sincerely invite a limited amount of interested club members to join our ranks. If you want to join a dinner, apply fast as seats are limited!

Machine Learning with IBM

Do you want to develop your Artificial Intelligence skills? Work together with IBM on a company based project and develop an interactive dashboard within a team to solve a company-based issue. Through a 6 week challenge you will be able to showcase how you can develop Business solutions based on data science and integrate it within the scope of an interactive user interface.