PG FinTech - Business Model Innovation Challenge with LLB

17.11.20 Tue 18:00-19:00

The Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG (LLB) was founded in 1861 and is the most traditional financial institution in the Principality of Liechtenstein. With over 150 year of experience, the LLB has expanded its business to Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, enjoying its privileged position of its simultaneous access to the EEA (European Economic Area) and to the Swiss market.
The LLB Group has a focused, client-oriented business model and a diversified income structure with three strong market divisions: Retail & Corporate Banking, Private Banking, and Institutional Clients.

As a central part of the StepUp2020 strategy, the LLB Group has promoted the creation and development of new business ideas in order to expand its horizons and hence, live up to its goal of becoming an innovator for the region.
With more ideas constantly flowing in, a committee formed of top managers from our different divisions gathers every 6 weeks to be presented with business models developed by our innovation department.

As part of this year's case study, the LLB has partnered up with the FinTech Track, a project by the DSTC as well as HIC, and challenges groups of students to develop new innovative business models for the bank. The most successful groups will have a chance to present their ideas at the next Innovation-Gate meeting and defend their assumptions and ideas in a real-world scenario. Should an idea be successful, the LLB group would be interested in offering internship positions for the winners to accompany the further development and possible implementation of their idea.

Topic Selection:
Students have the option between developing an own idea or using one of the following topics to develop a business model for the LLB Group:



During the Kick-Off session you will receive more background information on the challenge, as well as some broad topics in order to give you a good place to start.

You will then have 3 weeks, only interrupted by an individual feedback session, to find and develop your idea, before you will be able to present it in front of an expert panel.

The winning teams will be invited to present themselves and their idea in front of top managers of the bank!


If you want to participate, do not hesitate to shoot us your CV. Also invite your friends, as you will be working in groups!


[email protected]

Are you ready for the challenge?