PG IBM - Kick-Off Event

24.09.20 Thu 18:00-20:00
Zoom (

The Data Science and Technology Club is proud to announce you that over the course of the upcoming semester we will engage in a project group organised in partnership with IBM.


Over the course of the following semester we will hold a challenge centred around AI with our partner IBM. The goal will be to analyse data gathered from temperature sensors and to build your own AI using machine learning and anomaly detection in order to create predictive analytics. The results will be presented to IBM through an interactive dashboard through which users can obtain real-time information about the state of the system.


Come and join us online to learn about this challenge and find your team to perform this challenge during this semester



Semester Project Group:

Within groups of approximatively 5 people, you will develop a solution to a case given by IBM. They will grant access to a dataset of temperature measurements from sensors they have built. The case will be centred around building a Dashboard with predictive analytics and anomaly detection using different techniques. Along your project we will organise regular coaching sessions and even specific workshops from project group coaches and IBM employees. At the end, you will have the opportunity to present your result to IBM employees during a company visit.


The timeline concerning the coaching:



  • 25th/26th of September: Handing out of various tools for the challenge to help and guide and participants

Bi-weekly meetings on Mondays in the Makerspace for teams to present their results.