Posted 03.04.2023 by Data Science and Technology Club

Artificial Intelligence Project Group Team Member

Markets are being reshaped by a new kind of firm – one in which artificial intelligence runs the show” – Iansiti & Lakhani (2020).

By 2030, analysts estimate that artificial intelligence (AI) systems will generate more than $15T in economic value through productivity enhancements and the development of new products and services (PwC, 2017). Also, AI has been adopted within organizational settings, transforming a range of everyday workplace tasks. However, only 10% of companies succeed with AI. As part of TechClub, the Project Group "Artificial Intelligence", focuses on getting behind the buzzword “AI,” bringing AI-related topics closer to HSG students. We are mainly investigating the ongoing research field of building high-performance data and AI organizations and how the AI transformation is changing our society and impacting markets and industries worldwide.

We, the Project Group Artificial Intelligence, are looking for 1-2 Team Members interested in AI and willing to support us for a minimum of 6-12 months with:

  • Desk research on current trends and innovations in AI:

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in AI and research different applications of AI in various industries.

  • Support in organizing AI-related events:

Help the project group plan and execute events such as workshops, seminars, and guest lectures related to AI. Assist in promoting these events to students at the University of St. Gallen and beyond.

  • Company visits and networking:

Collaborate with the project group to identify and visit companies that are leaders in the AI space. Develop relationships with professionals and experts in the field to enhance TechClub's reputation as a thought leader in AI.

  • Input lectures and workshops:

Help develop input lectures and seminars for TechClub members and other interested students. Share your knowledge and expertise in AI to help others learn about this exciting technology.

  • Development of AI-related projects:

Work with other project group's and PG AI members to brainstorm and develop projects related to AI. Use your creativity and technical skills to create innovative solutions using AI technology.

What we are looking for:

  • Strong interest and knowledge in AI:

The ideal candidate should have a genuine passion for AI and a good understanding of its applications and potential. They should stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and be able to contribute insights and ideas to the project group (e.g., AI arms race of BigTech, limitation of ChatGPT).

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills:

The candidate should be able to work well in a team and communicate effectively with other members. They should also be able to organize and manage events and projects, including coordinating with external partners and speakers.

  • Technical skills and experience:

While not necessarily a requirement, having technical skills and experience in AI-related areas such as data analysis, or programming would be a definite asset. It would enable the candidate to contribute more to the project group's activities and potentially take on more advanced projects. Yet, it is not required to code. Broader and holistic mindset about AI-transformation is a plus.

Ideally the applicant should have successfully passed the Assessment, be in the end of second bachelor year.

Please send us your application, including a one-page motivation letter, current CV, and transcript, to [email protected]