Project groups


Our group's focus is communicating the recent advances of data and technology solutions in the financial services industry to students via workshops, presentations and other events with industry partners.

Data- & Computer Science

This project group help you improve your data & computer science skills to build exciting projects and be prepared for a career in tech. Get inisghts from industry and academic experts on various topics and broaden your understanding of the field. Additionally, we offer workshops that equip you with the methods, tools, and skills to prepare, conduct, and share your personal projects.



Do you want to be part of the next DotCom boom? Then perhaps the Blockchain Group is right for you! Here, you will not only gain a general understanding of the Blockchain Technology and the opportunities it creates, but also dive deeper into more specific topics. We will focus on three core areas: education on Blockchain technologies, research into potential investment opportunities in the Blockchain space, as well as how to potentially build a Smart Contract. No previous knowledge is required. Please join us on this journey!

Womens Chapter

Are you interested in Data Science and Technology and want to get to know other like-minded women? Then join the Women’s Chapter where we exchange thoughts and experiences, socialize, educate ourselves, and build a community of like-minded.


Alumni Chapter

The Alumni Chapter serves previous DSTC members in maintaining their strong network within and beyond the DSTC club. Its purpose is to stay in contact with people who share the same interest in and passion for data science and information technology.

For this purpose, we started the Quarterly DSTC Alumni Dinner on the first Friday of each quarter to once again reconnect with old friends and share latest development and stories – personal and professional.

While it is primarily aimed at DSTC Alumni and Board Members, we also sincerely invite a limited amount of interested club members to join our ranks. If you want to join a dinner, apply fast as seats are limited!