Data- & Computer Science

This project group help you improve your data & computer science skills to build exciting projects and be prepared for a career in tech. Get inisghts from industry and academic experts on various topics and broaden your understanding of the field. Additionally, we offer workshops that equip you with the methods, tools, and skills to prepare, conduct, and share your personal projects.


This semester, we offer two different formats:

We are organizing multiple engaging presentations by academics and industry experts to give you a glimpse into different topics from the fields of computer science and data science. The exact topics and dates will be announced shortly.

Computer & data science are best learned by building things and solving problems. In these workshops, you will learn and improve your skills, and discover new tools & libraries so you can successfully complete your own projects.

This semester, we are offering two wrokshops:

- How to apprach a ML project

- How to build a ML protfolio