Our group's focus is communicating the recent advances of data and technology solutions in the financial services industry to students via workshops, presentations and other events. We are also responsible for organizing the FinTech Challenge @ HSG.

About us

We are the PG FinTech!

Our goal is it to bring interested students closer to the FinTech industry. In the beginning, we answer simple questions such as: What is FinTech? Who are the important players? How does the landscape look like in Switzerland?

In the following sessions we start taking a closer look at important topics, such as the block-chain technology, DLT or Machine Learning. For this we will also invite leading companies that have found fascinating use-cases.

Furthermore we organise access to relevant conferences and in the second semester we will organise the FinTech Challenge in cooperation with a corporate partner.

The fourth and last circle of our roadmap consists of a career night with inspiring FinTech companies!


For our usual sessions we meet at the University in the Makerspace!

The room is directly next to Mensa A!


For Events with our partners please find the correct room by checking the event page itself!


Our next session:

We are currently preparing the next session and will update you guys once we set it.
In the meantime we provide you with opportunities for conference visits, so keep checking out the website.


Past Events

Conference Visit: Festival of Finance

PG Meeting 1 - Kick-Off Event:

05.10.2020 - 20:15 @ MakerSpace

In our Kick-Off Session, we welcome all of you to the new semester and present the roadmap and the structure of our club for the following year.

It is also our first regular session, where we will get an introduction into the swiss FinTech landscape and discuss players, technology and more!

Join us now to build the core of our project group!