Machine Learning with IBM

Do you want to solve a real-world problem with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Work together with IBM on a company-based project and develop a natural language processing tool that makes an impact. In this 8-week challenge, you will be able to learn, build, network, and have a lot of fun doing it.

What's the Challenge?

IBM is supporting clients worldwide with various products, including infrastructure such as storage servers, cloud computing, business operation tools e.g. industrial asset management, data & AI solutions, IBM Watson, and many more. Some of their clients require very high data security standards. In case one of their IBM systems is experiencing issues, they can't simply send the data logs abroad to the appropriate IBM expert teams - the data has to be checked beforehand. Currently, IBM is using ruled-based approaches for this task but wants to experiment with AI/ML alternatives. This is exactly where you come in.

What's the approach?

We are going to work in teams of 4-5 students closely interact with a team at IBM experts to find, build, and evaluate alternative approaches with a focus on novel machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques from the natural language processing domain. You will also gain access to IBM's Watson suite but are also free to test other ideas to successfully accomplish the task and hopefully beat their current solution. In the end, you will turn those methods into an interactive tool that IBM can use as a prototype.

Why should I join?

Learning: You will vastly improve your knowledge of ML/AI and the opportunities thereof in the real business world. Additionally, you will learn more about how to effectively and efficiently work together and build software solutions.
Networking: You are going to meet other like-minded people who could be partners for your next data science project, and meet interesting IBM employees (perfect if you want to start a career in tech or land an internship)
Fun: Building cool stuff with others is a lot of fun :)

Who should join?

This project group is perfect for everyone who has some previous experience with Python (Intro to CS or similar courses are enough, additional knowledge of NLP is a great plus but not needed) and wants to learn more.

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