Machine Learning with IBM

Do you want to develop your Artificial Intelligence skills? Work together with IBM on a company based project and develop an interactive dashboard within a team to solve a company-based issue. Through a 6 week challenge you will be able to showcase how you can develop Business solutions based on data science and integrate it within the scope of an interactive user interface.


Building software solutions to analyse and interact with data is becoming more prevalent with the rise of Big Data. This project allows you to apply your knowledge of artificial intelligence in a real case issue. With strong support, you will realize a real-time dashboard performing live analytics and deal with real applications of your algorithms.


We will analyse data coming from temperature sensors and will perform data analysis with advanced methods in order to extract valuable insights that will be displayed on an interactive dashboard.


After connecting and extracting data from the data base, you will develop your own algorithms to ensure the best value gains from the information coming from data. Once this will be completed, the results will be integrated within a visual interface allowing the final user to perform effective analysis through a dashboard.


Long-term project of several weeks, where you will develop a basic understanding of databases and visual interface in connexion to an extensive application of your AI and machine learning skillset. This will allow you to develop coding skills in various domain of informatics, but also an understanding of how they interact together.

Target Group

Students from Bachelor’s up to Ph.D. level interested in data science and data analysis, which want to apply and are committed to develop their skills in informatics.