Natural Language Processing

Are you interested in learning how to scrape twitter tweets of a specific topic and analyze their sentiments? Are you interested in learning how to process PDFs and sort them into different topics? Join our biweekly coding sessions to learn how to use NLP by solving practical problems!


More than 80 percent of today's available data is stored as text files such as documents, reports, emails, or social media messages. However, it has been a challenge for companies to leverage these data and turn it into value.


We enable HSG students to apply advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Mining, in order to utilize the potential of textual data in Swiss companies to generate valuable insights.


We solve real-word text challenges and tackle practical data problems of Swiss cooperates, to help the Swiss industry to leverage their full NLP-potential by applying state of the art NLP and analytics algorithms.


Kick-Off at 6pm on Tue, 29. September 2020

Biweekly Meetings at 5 pm, starting from Tue, 13. October 2020