Do you want to effectively communicate statistical findings to a broad audience with great visualisations and a coherent story? Do you want to convince your fellow students, your team members, clients, or your boss, with statistical figures and hard facts? This semester, the Tech.Mondays Project Group will cover the do's and don't's in visualisations and how to tell a story with data.


Effective communication of findings from data mining and statistical analysis are a key skill in data science. In order to convince your audience, win over customers in and outside of the organisation, share insights with team members, or present scientifical findings it is essential to be able to do this in an accessible, appealing and structured manner.


We learn how to create beautiful visualisations with Tableau. The goal is to make your conducted data analysis easily accessible and to communicate your findings clearly with appealing visuals.


We use Tableau to look at some interesting examples and applications. We further share tips and tricks, previous knowledge and gained experience among each other in the project group.

Target Group

Students from Bachelor’s up to Ph.D. level interested in data science and visuals, which want to learn tools for effectively communicating their findings.


Makerspace @ HSG, 18:15

Exact Dates TBD